Death of Cards

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We plan for weddings, the birth of a child, our retirement, university, holidays
but almost no one plans for death when it’s the only guarantee in life!

So, let DEATH be on the table and RestSure.

The Death of Cards (DOC) system was created using the comprehensive RestSureTM program. There are eight sections assembled to support individuals and families navigate and contemplate the death, dying and the dead, so they can all RestSureTM

These cards will identify the W5 of you in regards to living & dying:

  • Who you are and who is important to you?
  • What you believe and what matters most in considering your eventual death?
  • Where you are now and where you plan to go after you die?
  • Why all of this important to you?
  • How you imagine your end of life, and how others can support your End of Life (EOL) wishes?

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