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In our culture we seem to be afraid to talk about death, dying and the dead.

We are often in complete denial that we will one day die, even though it is inevitable. So when death begins to loom on the horizon there is nowhere inside to hold onto, no sense of safety. For many of us we do not have a belief or faith system that assures us of the rightness of the path ahead. This can leave us in a mental state anywhere from confusion, despair or terror. So, instead of doing the work of preparing for end of life we tend to flail around looking for some place of escape. We live in a unique time where many of us have left religious and faith based practices. As death approaches we may need help to find a way to our truth, to understand what is happening to us. We may need help to make choices.

Death Talks

Do you have things to tell your family and don’t know how?
RestSure can help you with a moderated discussion. We use Circle Principles to facilitate open conversations amongst family and close groups of individuals.

Some of the types of structured discussions we offer are as follows:

  1. Death/Lunch – Monthly sharing circle
  2. Family Discussions – Mediated
  3. Group Discussions – Mediated
  4. Individual Discussions & Consultations

End of Life Planning

The Basic Kit – RestSure’s primary program.

Do you have an Exit Strategy? Is your paper work in order?
Planning for end of life can be an involved process with many tasks to complete. This program offers guidance and clarity on some of the necessary steps and questions to consider such as:

  • Have you chosen a decision maker?
  • Have you let your family and friends know your end of life choices?
  • How about all your paperwork?

Start your plan today using RestSure’s primary communication tool Death of Cards!

Death Coaching

Diagnosis can be scary. All of a sudden everything is changing.

There are unforeseen challenges ahead; some times we all need a helping hand to see the bigger picture. RestSure offers tools and techniques to navigation through these difficult waters.

Legacy Work

It’s all about legacy! Some questions to consider when talking about your legacy and how you are remembered:

  1. What is your life story?
  2. Have you documented this in a meaningful and lasting way?
  3. What do you want your friends and family to know about your life?

We offer an opportunity to gather, discuss and capture your ideas, thoughts and memories in order to share them as part of your legacy.

Co-Creation Living Art

Grief & loss move through us. Capturing that movement through creative expression allows for a deeper transition.

Through the process of co-creation we move into a new relationship with life. Allow us to guide you through a process to imagine, design, and build something that represents this time of change and growth.

Space Arrangement & Organization

Get organized! Our surroundings help lift us up. When the space around us looks or feels chaotic, that chaos can reflect itself in our everyday lives. Organization can eliminate the chaos and bring more calm to your days.How does your space feel?

RestSure will help you to clear and organize your space to make room for what is coming through.

At RestSure we are dedicated to helping individuals discover inner empowerment during challenging times.