Our Story

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Shylene and Susan have been collaborating for several years creating a program that will help groups and individuals navigate the changing approaches to death and dying in the 21st century.

Through their eclectic backgrounds, they have explored various approaches to this changing field. From ritual and ceremony, artistic expression to personal healing, Susan and Shylene provide services and programs that empower individuals and families to embrace the reality of end of life.

We all die and everyone we know will die; so why not begin to face this with openness and clarity. At RestSure we promote new approaches to death, dying and the dead, firstly by encouraging open dialogues. We welcome uncomfortable topics to support clients on their journey towards documenting, preparing and planning their own choices for the end of their life.

At Restsure we practice deep listening, a sharing of rich insights coupled with profound learning. Restsure’s programs bring light to a widely avoided actuality.

We are committed to our continued education here in Canada and all over the world. These learning opportunities deepen our understanding of loss, life transitions and how to bring a deeper sense of presence to death.

From offering one on one consultations, to workshops, talks and programs, Susan and Shylene look forward to helping clients navigate their own “good” death.

Historically Our Story

Susan and Shylene first met in 2012 at the Centre of Conscious Living, in James Bay Victoria. It wasn’t until 2013 that they learned about one another and took time to meet over coffee. They were both surprised by how well they meshed even with very different personalities. It seemed they were both being called by death. Susan had been working as a celebrant for many years. She was seeing an increased need in the community for people who understood the journey through death, dying and the dead. Shylene had only begun to see a similar need and was searching to find how she fits into this need.

By late 2013 Shylene and Susan began to plan how they could be of service in this relatively un-navigated area of their communities needs. In 2013 Shylene experienced many deaths in her family. The call to support her community through death awareness became very evident. Over the years, both Susan’s and Shylene’s lives provided avenues for personal growth. They took these opportunities to deepen their understandings of loss, life transitions and a sense of presence. They established a practise of deep listening and groundedness as they developed and understanding and approach to death, dying and the dead.