Talking Death With Shylene

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Talking Death

with Shylene


A laidback conversation about

Death & Dying

Alive & Unscripted

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March 24th   7pm – 8:30- PST

April 21st  10am- 11:30 PST

May 19th   7pm – 8:30- PST

June 16th 10am- 11:30 PST 





We will Zoom the 3rd Thursday of every month

alternating from mornings at 10am to evenings at 7pm

Talking About DEATH Won't Kill You

During this live and unscripted conversation you will learn how easy and light hearted talking about death, dying and the dead can be.

With the right tools and approaches you can begin to lighten the darkness around death.

You will be introduced to the Death of Cards tool to begin this journey of self discovery and personal empowerment.

As you begin this journey of self discovery you will learn how talking about death can actually create ease, wellbeing and a sense of rest in your nervous system.

When you have this sense of wellbeing it creates a more balanced sense of the future and how you can advocate for yourself and your choices.

When we face these details and thoughts when we are living we empower ourselves around our deaths.

These conversations are about wholeness around LIVING!

Life Embracing Death

The sun sets and the sun rises each day for each of us, until it doesn’t.

Then what??

If we can look at nature for guidance, we see its infinity of cycles, upon cycles.. The circle of life as they say.

The seasons change, leaves fall and become dirt, then through the winter we live next to empty tree branches, with the promise of early spring, when little bits of life begin again.

All the while for some trees this autumn is their actual last autumn. The bigger lesson is we usually do not know which day will be our final day.

So how can we live with death as a guide, as a teacher?

We live in a time in humanity where we have become disconnected from nature, and afraid of death.

This is dissolution with the cycle of life and detachment from one’s own mortality is almost normal.

Right now humans across the planet are living through a pandemic, where the biggest fear is to die.


The only guarantee in this life – is death!


Let us begin to face this with some humor, and light heartedness.

Feel the freedom by raising your energy as you are ALIVE on Earth at this moment!

RestSure provides guidance, understanding, grace and humor through Death Awareness and Life Empowerment.

Wisdom, love and empowerment can be found by looking at death through the lense of a life well lived.

Let’s Put the Death Conversation
Back On The Table

Talking Death with Shylene

When you join this conversation, you will:

√ Wander with Shylene & see some of what RestSure offers!

√ Use the Death of Cards (DOC) / a powerful, positive and empowered tool set designed to help open the conversation around Death.

√ Experience a laid back approach to Death, Dying and the Dead

√ Learn why it’s important to talk about these things long before anyone is sick.


“Shylene’s compassionate and sensible approach made her help invaluable to me.”

S. Moore

“Shylene created such a loving and calming atmosphere and gave me tools to show me the way… Thank you Shylene for your love, and honesty surrounding death.”

D. Dawn

“Shylene came forward at a time of such uncertainty and yet she offered no answers, no suggestions of ‘fixing’… yet rather a companioning of spirit- a kinship of heart to walk with me on the edge of my life.”

B Gallager

When you join the free 90 minutes,
"Talking Death" With Shylene, you will:

√ Open yourself the inquiry of death, dying, the dead, grief, loss etc.

√ Begin to see lightness in the face of death, as life well lived, planned and expressed.

√ Through this conversation you will start to feel enlivened and see death as a whole spectrum of understanding.

√ Consider how talking with loved ones with more clarity and tools can set in motion your peace of mind.

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