BLog Post three – lets the picture say it all

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BLog Post three – lets the picture say it all

When things break it makes space for new unexpected and unplanned things to happen.

Oops… broken tea cup? broken tea pot?  No worries .. sometimes when things break down good things can happen – So….

  • Let er’ rip
  • spit it all out. ..
  • who cares about spilt milk any way.  – Crying makes lots of sense!

Its funny this line of work, in EOL planning.  the funny part is, even when all the paper work is done, all the forms are filled and insurance is bought.  Your will is in place and you have an excellent executor to handle said estate.  You may even leave money in the bank for your children to inherit, great heirlooms to pass to your grand children, legacy for the community, have deep meaning to your work and feel all your ducks are in place – but when death does come knocking, aint no plan gunna change it.

Life interrupted.

What’s that old adage? “Do you know how to you make God Laugh?  Tell him your plans?”

I guess the reality the plans are for ease.  For a deeper understanding incase there are choices to make, and you can’t make them.  Plans in place are so that you can restsure, in the knowledge you got things in order for the when the times comes, you maybe able to ease on down the road with a bit more swagger 🙂

Until Death do us part,